THOMARIOS has been involved in many interesting and historic building restorations and preservations. These have included both the interiors and exteriors of churches, landmark buildings, theaters, and other buildings that have received federal preservation tax credits. In all cases, our knowledge of cleaning, coatings, and restoration techniques have played an integral role in bringing buildings back to their original appearances. Our Specialty Group has also developed both exterior and interior systems that have been approved by both architects and state historical societies. THOMARIOS Specialty Group has also worked with owners to create some low cost alternatives to costly building replacement elements such as ornate terra cotta and sandstone.

Project Spotlight: Terminal Tower

Terminal Tower is noted as being the most important landmark in the Cleveland skyline. Construction completed in 1930 and at that time it was the world’s second tallest building. In 1976 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Over the years much of the top of the structure began deteriorating from the freeze/thaw cycles. THOMARIOS was involved in replacing, as well as developing and applying a reinforcing waterproofing system on the exterior that would restore and protect the top 12 stories.

Other recent restorations include:

  • 668 Euclid Building, Cleveland, Ohio
  • JJ Peters Church, NYC
  • Akron Civic Theater interior restoration, Akron, Ohio
  • USS INTREPID interior rehab, NYC