THOMARIOS prides itself on being the country’s premier historic spacecraft & aircraft static display restoration company. Our knowledge in transport, cleaning, fabricating, coatings, and corrosion prevention has enhanced the longevity of each piece we restore. We have restored a multitude of interiors and exteriors of aircraft, space craft, and engines. A list that includes:

  • Saturn Apollo V rocket
  • Titan rocket
  • Atlas rocket
  • Gemini capsules
  • BA-1 Mercury capsule
  • A-12 Blackbird
  • Concorde Supersonic airliner
  • Huey- UH1 helicopter
  • Sikorsky S-55 helicopter
  • Piasecki HUP Retriever helicopter
  • MIG-15 planes
  • MIG-17 planes
  • F-110F Blue Angels plane
  • Saturn F-1 rocket engine
  • Wright Cyclone engine
  • Regulus Missile
  • And more…

Project Spotlight: Saturn V Rocket

In 1996 THOMARIOS restored and preserved the Saturn V Rocket for Delaware North, NASA, and the National Air and Space Museum at Cape Kennedy Space Center under the auspices of the Smithsonian. This project involved the removal of hazardous coatings, cleaning, remanufacturing, re-installation of parts, application of specialty coatings, and the transportation and stabilization of the 375-foot-long rocket to its eventual home in the Apollo/Saturn V Center. While the restoration took place, THOMARIOS had to be aware not to interrupt public tours, day-to-day operations and monthly space shuttle launches. THOMARIOS was honored to receive awards from The Themed Entertainment Association of America and NASA for its level of quality on the project.

THOMARIOS completed a similar project for the New York Hall of Science in 2003. THOMARIOS restored a 100-foot-long Titan rocket, its Gemini capsule, a F-1 rocket engine from the Saturn V as well as a BA-1 Mercury capsule and its 95-foot Atlas Rocket. These artifacts had been on display since the 1964 Worlds Fair and an extensive amount of deterioration took a toll on these artifacts. THOMARIOS decided to ship these back to Akron, Ohio for a complete restoration. Once these pieces arrived, THOMARIOS disassembled the rockets, replicated deteriorated components and strengthened their interior structures. After all the surfaces were prepared and applied with new corrosion resistant coatings, they were returned to the New York Hall of Science, at which time they were erected and placed on display at Rocket Park in Corona, New York.