Our Commitment

Our goal is to achieve zero accidents or injuries on all projects. The personal health and safety of each employee, each subcontractor, the community and the well being of the environment is of primary importance. The prevention of occupational induced injuries will always give precedence over short cuts for productivity. The management at Thomarios will always provide facilities required for personal safety. We will maintain and grow attitudes of safe workplace practices by enforcing our corporate safety program.

To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of supervisors and employees. It also requires cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between supervisor and employee, but also between each employee and his fellow workers. Only through such a cooperative effort can a safety record in the best interest of everyone be established and maintained.

Thomarios continues and maintains its commitment to safety through; continuing education, training, communication, internal inspections, 3rd party inspections, and recommendations by any parties on all projects

We state and implement the following guidelines within our EH&S program:

  • Safety administration
  • Drug free workplace policy
  • Head, eye, foot, ear & body protection
  • Hazard communication program
  • Hearing conservation
  • Protecting workers in hot environments
  • Respiratory protection
  • Safe lifting
  • Bloodborne pathogens guidelines
  • Fall protection program
  • Scaffolding safety
  • Boom and scissor lift safety
  • Portable ladders
  • Electrical safety
  • Welding safety
  • Lockout/tag out
  • Forklift program
  • Incident and accident investigations
  • Emergency action plan
  • Compliance forms & record keeping policy
  • MSDS documentation
  • Transitional duty policy
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Disciplinary policy

Site Safety

Whether we are a performing subcontractor or a construction manager, we welcome and encourage all projects to have a pre-job site safety meeting, (JSA) job safety analysis reports/loss prevention reports, site specific safety plans, weekly or daily tool box talks, and safety directors monthly meetings. We are proud of having a low (EMR) experience modification rate that has an average of .35 from 2007 to 2010, well below the average industry standard. Thomarios will continue to strive for zero accidents or injuries. This is our commitment.