Akron Children’s Hospital Parking Garage:

THOMARIOS Construction Group is pleased to announce substantial completion of the newly constructed Akron Children’s Hospital Parking Deck in downtown Akron at the corner of Cedar and Exchange Street. This project will open on a temporary basis September 19, 2013, with final completion in November of 2013. This post-tension, cast-in-place deck will serve 1,190 Akron Children’s Hospital employees during the construction of the new Critical Care Tower at Akron Children’s Hospital, with public access after the completion the Critical Care Tower. Key enhancement features of this parking deck are lighted translucent panels located on the East and North elevations. These LED lighted panels are multi-colored, range in size from 36′-50′ high, and will be remotely operated from within the new Critical Care Tower with a public kiosk that can be operated by patients and visitors. To enhance the interior of the structure, highly-efficient LED lighting was used, and the underside of all concrete decks were stained white, thus enhancing the foot candles and visibility of the end users. All lobbies have terrazzo flooring and glass vestibules for high visibility. All floors are color coded for ease of use, and a planned pedestrian bridge will be constructed to connect the ACH Critical Care Tower to the deck.


  • This project used:
  • 16,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 133 miles of post-tension cables
  • 700 tons of rebar

Thomarios Completed Akron Children's Hospital Parking Garage